Multicultural Mental Health Support- Story of Young Immigrant Woman

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Events

It takes a lot of courage to seek mental health support in family environments where mental awareness is nearly non-existent. 

Watch this story to listen to the personal experiences of a woman (victim and survivor of family violence) who came to Canada at the age of 14 years with her parents. How unhealthy parenting practices over the years led this lady to the stage where no hope existed in her life is an eye-opener for all of us! Family violence is not a one-time incidence as it is strongly associated with the family environment and routine practices of communication, conflict resolution, and parenting practices. 
CPSG/Maskan strongly advocates for Mental Health and the well-being of Youth! We have frequently raised awareness about Healthy Parenting, Building Healthy Families, and Healthy Communication!
Why do we advocate for Mental Health? Every story of Maskan helps us realize that the problem is deeply rooted in our approach toward mental health and considering it a taboo!

We acknowledge the support of TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and TELUS for their support to provide multicultural and professional mental health support to victims of violence.