Canadian Pakistani Support Group Association (CPSG) is a registered charitable organization BN # 703421511RR0001. An association with the great drive of support, building resilience, and creating opportunities for immigrant and refugee families who need support.

Maskan is the flagship project of CPSG. The name of the project is an inspiration of the Urdu word “Maskan”, which means a small peaceful place of dwelling. For CPSG this is not simply a project rather one of the core rationales for its existence.

Maskan is a transitional home for women and children fleeing from domestic violence and other forms of assault. Maskan provides temporary shelter and demand-driven support to help for a peaceful and sustainable transition to the clients. Maskan team works closely with the clients until they stand again and mainstreamed in society

CPSG has a strong conviction that humans are gifted with unlimited and unique talents. All scales of manmade and natural vulnerabilities affect the performance, economic and social capabilities. This leads to deepening effects on generations. However, this can be reduced by creating a succeeding environment for equality and equity. CPSG has positioned its interventions in Calgary to create an enabling environment to fight against all the obstacles of prosperity and harmony for people in need specifically women, children, and youth

Calgary Communit Service Guide, A useful resource to find services. A publication by Canadian Pakistani Support Group to provide list of important services and support in Calgary

Our Impact

Sheltered Women & Children

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Transitional Shelter Home for Women & Children Fleeing Violence. 

Community Outreach Support Program

The program provides case support to individuals and families who need settlement or crisis support.

Community Engagment Program

The program focuses on support drives, knowledge, and training.

Youth Uplifting Youth CPSG

Led by Youth- For Youth- Programs & Activities for Youth for Community Engagement & Support Youth at risk. 



Maskan was more than just a stay in a shelter. I can’t actually explain in words my experience, it was a great experience. The stay helped me get through a very depressive situation to another, i couldn’t think of anything positive coming in the future.Thanks to the sisters in Maskan, everything started to become easy day after day Alhamdulilah.

19 Years Old Young Girl

Staying in Maskan was a home like experience for me. I felt comfortable staying there after coming out of a difficult situation.

Mother with three kids

If Maskan didn’t help us, i don’t know what would have happened with us.It was the time when i needed help, and everyone supported us in Maskan. I really love all of the people at Maskan, and their kindness. I was happy to have the Maskan team with me during that difficult time.  I must say I had a memorable stay and would love to stay in touch.

45 Years old women

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