About Us


Who We Are

Canadian Pakistani Support Group Association (CPSG) is a registered charitable organization BN # 703421511RR0001. The great drive of support, building resilience and creating opportunities for needy immigrant and refugee families started with small-scale direct support. Our small initiatives later became a strong movement and recognition for our impact groups as a trusted forum for all in need specifically women, children, and youth. Since our humble start in 2017, we are serving our clients through diversified programs and activities.

Our Purpose

CPSG has a strong conviction that humans are gifted with unlimited and unique talents. All scales of manmade and natural vulnerabilities affect the performance, economic and social capabilities. This leads to deepening effects on generations. However, this can be reduced by creating a succeeding environment for equality and equity. CPSG has positioned its interventions in Calgary to create an enabling environment to fight against all the obstacles of prosperity and harmony for people in need specifically women, children, and youth.

What We do

We respond to the demand-driven needs of immigrant and refugee families. We provide;


  1. Food for our registered clients.
  2. Transitional home facility for women and children fleeing from domestic violence and conflicts.
  3. Monthly grocery and other support for destitute families.
  4. Seasonal clothing to disadvantaged families through our annual collection and distribution drives.
  5. Direct support for empowering women and youth for sustainable settlement.
  6. Giving school supplies to children in need.
  7. Hold informative sessions and awareness campaigns on civic engagement themes.
  8. Dedicated youth engagement and empowerment activities.
  9. Need-based linkages and sessions for legal, medical, and psychosocial support.

Our Approach

Our efforts are to eradicate the barriers to attain equitable social conditions and positions. With the support of our members, sponsors, community partners, and funders, we ensure our services have been directed to immigrant destitute families especially women, children, and youth.