Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship.”

CPSG is determined to end domestic violence by providing resources, including our crisis intervention lifeline,  advocacy, educational programs and transitional home to create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.

Our History

CPSG is an organization representing the collaborated efforts of visionary Pakistani individuals living in Canada. This group works to bring sustainable changes in the lives of marginalized individuals and families across the globe with deeper focus since 2016 for Calgary Alberta alone.

CPSG rationale for outreach is based on strong assumption that Mankind is gifted with unlimited and diversified talents that needs support and nurturing to attain lasting peace, and harmony. All scales of manmade and natural vulnerabilities affects the performance, economic and social capabilities. This leads to deepening effects on generations. However, this can be reduced by creating an enabling environment for equality and equity. CPSG has positioned its interventions in Calgary to create an enabling environment to fight against all the obstacles of prosperity for people in need specifically women and children in Calgary.

CPSG Approach

Our efforts are to eradicate the barriers to attain equitable social conditions and positions. With the support of its members, sponsors and donors; CPSG has so far reached hundreds of destitute families directly and indirectly by paying for children’s school expenses, house rents, buying medicine, groceries, and recently the provision of physical and psychosocial support to women subject to domestic violence, and marginalization beside many other overarching outlays in Calgary. We offer free stay at our transitional home (Maskan)to women and children in crisis.


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