CPSG Excellence Awards are established in 2021 to honor the accomplishments and achievements of individuals who serve the community through social work or volunteerism for the welfare of people who need support. This year CPSG  is presenting the awards to women who have achieved professional excellence in social work, volunteerism, and leadership. These women are pride of community with their abilities to inspire others with qualities of devotion, kindness, and hard work. 

Nominations for 2021 CPSG Excellence Awards for Women were kept OPEN until 26th Feb, 2021. Winners were  announced on 8th March 2021 (International Women’s Day). 

CPSG Excellence Awards Categories

Honorees are chosen based on thier achievements, accomplishments and exceptional work in the following categories:



This award honors women for their professional accomplishments and achievements in Social Work. 


Best Volunteer

This award honors women for their exceptional volunteer work to support the community organizations. 


This award honors young females (Age 15 – 25 Years) for social work, volunteering, leadership, and other related activities in Calgary.


This award honors the women of Maskan for their courage and resilience to stand up against violence and determination for a life free form violence. These strong women are inspiration for others and have professional goals. This category is only for the women who stayed at Maskan (Shelter).

CPSG Employee

This is an internal organization award category for CPSG employee for their extraordinary support and hard work to support the community under the umbrella of CPSG. 

CPSG Excellence Awards – Women 2021